Autumn, dry and moisturizing conditioning as a flower

Autumn, dry and moisturizing conditioning as a flower

Chrysanthemum and Laoya Tang Chrysanthemum, pleasing to the eye and removing dryness, “You can see Nanshan leisurely under the fence of the chrysanthemum,” which shows Tao Yuanming’s carefreeness, and also made countless people pay tribute to the little chrysanthemum.

Every autumn, it is the season for chrysanthemums blooming. When you are walking around Zhejiang, you will surely find that the streets and alleys are always selling “Hangbaiju”.

Chrysanthemum can be used for sencha or cooking.

A small chrysanthemum has a value that cannot be underestimated, which is rare.

  The editor recommends hot text: “Compendium of Materia Medica” has detailed records of the medicinal effects of chrysanthemum tea: sweetness, coldness, and the effect of dispersing wind and heat, and calming the liver and eyesight.

The “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” believes that white chrysanthemum tea can “the main wind dizziness, swelling and pain, loss of eyes, skin dead muscles, rheumatism paralysis, Jiufu Qi, light and durable.

Experts say autumn is a great time to eat chrysanthemums.

Eating more chrysanthemums can help the body to replenish qi, tonicity, remove dryness, and detoxify.

Modern medicine has proven that chrysanthemums have a good conditioning effect on chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension and sub-health in modern people.

  The chrysanthemum and duck soup is suitable for the crowd: in the autumn, it is tired and boring for no reason, is listless, is in a sub-health state, and is recovering from a serious illness.

  Method: Soak 10 grams of chrysanthemum and 12 grams of wolfberry in water, and then put a peeled old duck, 5 grams of Cordyceps sinensis and five or six slices of American ginseng in a casserole.

When it is cooked to a half-seven degree, pour in chrysanthemum and wolfberry.

It is recommended to eat it twice a week, with duck and soup, and it is best to eat it at dinner, so that one month later, there can be a significant improvement in refreshing qi.

  Tip: As far as possible, chrysanthemum can also be put into chrysanthemum porridge, chrysanthemum cake, chrysanthemum cooking, and you can also brew our most common chrysanthemum to detoxify eyesight.

Experts point out that jujube chrysanthemum tea can also help cancer patients to restore their sense of taste.

  The sweet-scented osmanthus coconut cake Dangui Piaoxiang is famous from far and away. Even in the hot and noon time, as long as there is a breeze, you can smell this sweet smell.

If you have a heart, just collect a fragrance, that is, a delicious.

As early as the Warring States Period, Qu Yuan’s “Li Sao” had the sentence “Assisting the North to Discuss the Guijiang Pulp”, which is a record of osmanthus making food.

  Osmanthus and rose flowers are brewed together, which has the effect of relieving the qi and warming the stomach and cold; osmanthus flowers and chrysanthemum flowers are brewing together, which has the function of fragrant and clearing the stomach, and is suitable for stomach heat and bad breath;Analgesic, suitable for cold pain in the abdomen.

When eating ginkgo, lotus seeds, chestnuts, put a handful of sweet-scented osmanthus, the smell is fragrant, and it can increase appetite.

  The introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus, has the effects of strengthening the stomach, reducing phlegm, regenerating sputum, dispersing sputum, and calming the liver, and can cure phlegm and cough, intestinal wind and blood stasis, toothache, bad breath, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

The effect of warming and dispersing cold as much as possible, warming the stomach and relieving pain and resolving phlegm and silt.

  Osmanthus coconut juice cake is suitable for the crowd: autumn is dry, and coconut juice is sweet and smooth, rich in vitamin C with antioxidant ingredients, which promotes human metabolism.

The dessert made with sweet-scented osmanthus is refreshing and pleasant, and it is really enjoyable.

  Method: Mix 50g of horseshoe flour and 50g of corn starch, divide into two and pack in two containers.

Use 50ml coconut juice and water to mix the horseshoe flour and corn starch to a grain-free powder slurry. Add the sweet-scented osmanthus to the bowl with water.

Add 150ml of water to the sugar and bring to a boil.

Then pour the boiled sugar water into the coconut milk powder and osmanthus powder to stir up.

After the water is boiled, pour a thin layer of powder into a dish and steam for 5 minutes.

Then pour another kind of slurry into a dish and steam for another 5 minutes. Steam between the two powders.

Put the sweet osmanthus on the last layer.

  Xiaobian recommended hot text: Tips: There are many ways to eat Osmanthus.

Osmanthus fragrans is boiled in boiling water and picked up to dry. It is stained with white sugar and sealed in a bottle. It can be used as a food spice.

Take the first-class jujube, steam it with sugar, and add osmanthus to make the spleen and appetizing osmanthus candied dates.