A quietly changing fitness concept in a city

A quietly changing fitness concept in a city

From January 6th to 8th, the Department of Groups of the State General Administration of Sports organized a central news organization to visit Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, to conduct interviews on the development status and achievements of schools, communities and rural fitness programs.

Faced with the number one obstacle to the development of the national fitness program, which is a serious shortage of sports venues and facilities, Zhanjiang people seek a better solution by changing their minds.

Liu Guoyong, deputy director of the Population Division of the State General Administration of Sport, told reporters that in the context of the first year of the “Regulations on the Fitness of All People”, the change of thinking should become a new proposal put forward by relevant government departments when developing comprehensive fitness programs.Claim.

  The national team training base is open to the society. As a base for the annual training of national teams such as the Chinese high-level swimming team and water skiing team, Zhanjiang Diving School has better sports venues, facilities and teachers.

The school is located in the center of Zhanjiang. The sports facilities such as the gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court and so on are very scarce fitness venue conditions for residents near the school. However, the national team is prepared to serve the national team.Training venues, the base’s top priority, these sports facilities are rarely open to the public.

  But in front of the gate of Zhanjiang Diving School Gymnasium, the reporter saw a few big characters of “Sunshine Sports Club”. This gym with a building area of 8,300 square meters was built for the school’s teaching and national team training services.

However, while meeting the school’s teaching and training needs, the preliminary gymnasium still has sufficient time and space available.

  According to Shi Bo, at the beginning of the construction of the junior gymnasium, it was considered that it would even serve athletes in the future, and more importantly it should serve the citizens. The school also retained a dedicated fitness club operation team for management.

Sunshine Fitness Club has completed the interior decoration and equipment purchase, and will soon open to the public.

Shi Bo said that the club is very optimistic about the market prospects, especially the club’s 12 badminton courts and the accumulation of more than ten table tennis tables will definitely be very high.

  The Sunshine Fitness Club may bring millions of yuan of income to diving schools every year. In this way, the gymnasium gradually becomes its own blood-forming function, and it is not necessary to rely on the government to supplement its livelihood.

  The slender swimming and water skiing national team that Zhanjiang Diving School is proud of will also get closer to the common people.

Shi Bo said that although it is not an Olympic event, China’s leading position in tandem swimming is comparable to table tennis, diving, and gymnastics; the Chinese water ski team maintains the lead in Asia.

The strong strength of these two projects is also the initial step to continuously improve the training conditions of the team.

However, the distance between tandem swimming and water skiing is relatively far from ordinary people. In fact, many of the national team’s projects have such a problem of being “high above and detached from the people.”

  Shi Bo hopes that in the future, under the order of ensuring the quality of training, the athletes of the Chinese air swimming team and water skiing team will actively create conditions to train with the common people who come to the gym to exercise and take the role of promoting national fitness.

  Regarding Zhanjiang Diving School’s vision and operation experience of establishing the Sunshine Fitness Club, Shi Bo prepared to write a report on “Exploration of the New Model of National Team Training Base Operation” and submit it to this year’s National Fitness Exchange Conference.

From the current point of view, national team training bases such as Zhanjiang diving school, using their own facilities and conditions, actively participate in fitness club ideas and practices, is still an innovative move in the country.

  Social sports venue resources allow citizens to share. Lehua Street, Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, is creating an advanced national sports street for the masses in 2010. According to Dai Guangzhi, deputy secretary of the Street Work Committee, Lehua Street is confident to participate in the nation ‘s advanced and most importantOne condition is that the local public sports venues are rich in resources.

  However, except for the three major parks of municipal facilities, these public sports venues belong to enterprises and institutions and schools.

  Dai Guangzhi said that, like many densely populated cities in the country, the land is scarce, with an area of 5.

Lehua Street, with a population of 3 square kilometers and a population of nearly 50,000, also faces the problem that public sports venues are far from meeting the needs of the people.It is very difficult to build a public sports venue inside, but there are only these existing venues and facilities, which obviously is not far from meeting the fitness needs of the people.

Therefore, in recent years, Lehua Street actively guided sports venues belonging to the originally closed enterprises and institutions to open to the society, which greatly eased the contradiction between supply and demand of public sports venues.

  Dai Guangzhi said that the People’s Liberation Army troops are stationed in the district of Lehua Street and the army’s stadium resources are very rich.

At present, the stadiums of troops with more than 14 regiments have been opened to the society for a short period of time; dozens of institutions and units in the jurisdiction have been opened to the society, and the affiliated units have only appropriate and appropriate costs.

In a large star-rated hotel, the reporter saw that the swimming pool here was originally used by guests who temporarily lived in the hotel. Now it is open for business and the fare is about 10 yuan.

  Dai Guangzhi said that the use of sports venues and facilities in Lehua Street for resource sharing has been greatly reduced, which is precisely the problem of insufficient fitness places for ordinary people.

  The rural areas with economic strength first moved up in Daqian Village, Mazhang Town, Zhanjiang City. The reporter saw that the villagers were playing self-built volleyball courts, basketball courts and table tennis tables.

Daluqian Village is a natural village. At present, the national transitional peasant sports fitness project has not been advanced to the natural village level in Guangdong. However, this does not affect villages with certain economic conditions to spontaneously build sports facilities.

  According to Liang Jiayang, deputy village chief of Daluqian Village, over the past two years, the village has raised millions of funds to build volleyball courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, and table tennis tables and other sports facilities.

At present, the whole village is planning to build another football stadium with an investment of about one million yuan.

  In recent years, Daluqian Village has become richer by planting flowers. Although there is still a gap between the rural areas of the Pearl River Delta in terms of economic conditions, many internal lands have become much richer in rural areas.

However, according to Liang Jiayang, the wealthy peasants mostly put their interests on how to make more money, without causing their own needs in terms of culture and sports.

As a result, in some areas, such a phenomenon has appeared: Although the village is rich, the cultural and sports facilities of the villagers have not improved significantly.

  Daluqian Village followed a path of constructing villagers’ cultural and sports facilities actively.

Liang Jiayang said that in the past, the villagers did not have this awareness. Later, the government guided the villagers and urged the village leaders to improve the quality of the villagers’ cultural life.

  From the initial construction of volleyball courts and badminton courts, Daluqian Village, with the help of government departments, gradually organized villagers to carry out aerobics and Taiji sword exercises, which were warmly welcomed by the villagers.

This makes the village feel that the effect of self-financing to build sports and sports facilities is very good, so it is necessary to continue to increase investment and build venues such as table tennis and basketball courts.Liang Jiayang said that the total cost of building these stadiums is about 200,000, which is not difficult for a larger and wealthy village.

However, the social benefits of 200,000 yuan have not been able to bear the money.

  Whether waiting for the relevant national policies to be implemented and promoted step by step, or to change the way of thinking and find opportunities to allow rural areas with conditions to take the initiative to construct farmers’ fitness programs, the results may be completely different.

According to Xu Min, director of Zhanjiang Sports Bureau, there are about 1,500 administrative villages in Zhanjiang. According to relevant national policies, the government compensates farmers for sports fitness projects in administrative villages. At present, 95% of the administrative villages in the city have completed farmers sports fitness projects.There are still more than 7,000 natural villages in Zhanjiang City. At present, the state has not started to supplement the construction of peasant sports and fitness projects in natural villages. However, due to certain economic conditions, more than 80% of the natural villages in the city have also completed peasant sports and fitness.Most of the funds required for the construction of the project are self-raised by the villagers.

  Changing thinking into the focus of national fitness work Changing the thinking in 2010 will become one of the focus of the work of the national population.

Liu Guoyong, deputy director of the Population Division of the State General Administration of Sport, told reporters in Zhanjiang that the conversion of the “National Fitness Regulations” was formally implemented on October 1, 2009, and the work of people across the country must also be changed according to the situation. “Although national fitness involves the lives of the peopleInterests, but in the past it was done by the sports department, even by the crowd department. Now we must realize that the development of national fitness is the government’s cause, and the government must administer it according to law.

“There are still many difficulties leading to the development of the national fitness program in China. Some occasions are seriously inadequate and investment is limited. The key to overcoming these difficulties is to change the way of thinking and not use the past.

Liu Guoyong said that in recent years, the state’s expenditure on national fitness has mainly depended on sports lottery welfare funds.

It is true that before the proportion began to have no sports lottery, the expenditure on national fitness has increased significantly. However, this model alone is not a long-term solution and sustainable development.

Imagine that the lottery public welfare funds dominated by the group department of the General Administration of Sport of China at this stage each year are more than 700 million yuan. This money is scattered throughout the country and is useful for the development of the national fitness industry.

  In 2009, Shandong Province hosted the National Games, and the concept of the National Games became a highlight.

Liu Guoyong said that some of Shandong’s practices are the embodiment of a change in work thinking.

Shandong ‘s investment in national fitness for participating in the National Games is more than the total of the past 30 years. Therefore, the local national fitness conditions have greatly improved. How can it have such a large investment in national fitness if it depends on the sports department alone

  The sports department has always controlled two major parts of competitive sports and mass sports, but in the past, competitive sports and mass sports seemed to be separated.

Liu Guoyong said that strengthening the close relationship between competitive sports and mass sports is another change in the way we work.

  Last year, the General Administration of Sport of China launched the Olympic champion to become a national fitness volunteer. Liu Xiang, Yang Yang and 23 other Olympic champions and coaches became the first volunteers. These sports stars can serve as a model for promoting national fitness.A major manifestation of enhanced cooperation between competitive sports and mass sports.