Minsheng Plus Bank Select 4% in the first half of the year. 9-year total return is still replaced.

Minsheng Plus Bank Select 4% in the first half of the year. 9-year total return is still replaced.

Source: I am Ji Minqi. I have it every year, and every year is different.

  The old Jie Fund found a wonderful fund, selected by the people’s livelihood and silver, twice in the first half of the year.

11%, ranking the bottom of all partial equity funds (more than one year after its establishment).

The penultimate place is still 1.

64% positive returns.

  In other words, in the first half of this year, the only alternative fund, Green Hat, has been selected by Minsheng Plus Bank to become a partial-equity fund (founded more than one year).

  In the first half of the year, A-shares recovered, and stock funds and partial-share mixed funds became big winners.

The average return exceeded 20%, outperforming the Shanghai Stock Index.

  Some officials will say that short-term performance does not explain anything. There are still stocks in the bull market that lose money. It looks normal and needs to give the fund manager some time.

  Ha ha, indeed, the redundant fund companies are now indifferent to the short-term performance of the funds.

In this market, channels are king and funds with good performance are not selling well.

  But what was the original intention of the public fund?

Focusing on performance, we strive to bring sustained and stable positive returns to investors.

  Minsheng Jiayin’s selection of this partial-shares hybrid fund is really amazing to investors.

  Let’s take a look. Where is the fund of Minsheng plus Bank?

I don’t know if Li Caogang, the new general manager of Minsheng 南京桑拿网 and Bank of China, has just been in office for less than 3 months.

  Exquisite work 1: 9 years since its establishment, the total income continues to increase. Minsheng Jiayin Select was established on February 3, 2010 with a first fundraising scale of 24.

75 billion.

  As of June 28, 2019, the total return was -6.

6%, negative annualized return.

In the past three years, it has continued to grow, and its performance ranking has continued to count down.

  The scale has dropped even worse. For the consecutive quarterly report, the scale of the people’s livelihood and silver selection is only 1.


  It can be seen that the nine years of the establishment of Minsheng Jiayin Select are a history of investors continuously voting with their feet and painful cutting of meat . Data source: WIND Exotic 2: Replacement and replacement of fund manager, nine years of establishment, 8 years of replacementSource data for fund managers: According to WIND statistics, WIND has selected 8 fund managers for Minsheng and Bank Select, and the average length of employment is only one year and three months.

  Among these eight fund managers, only Cai Fengliang, who took office on July 7, 2014, seized the leveraged bull market in 1415, two years of service salary, and a total return of 73.

01%, surpassing the benchmark return of 31.

49%, in the same ranking, squeezed into the top 1/3.

  The remaining fund managers ended with intervention.

  Ironically, it is this, Cai Fengliang, the only fund manager who is serving and who has received excessive returns, that was revealed last year, involving a mouse warehouse.

  For details, see last year’s article “The 10th Anniversary of the People’s Livelihood and the Addition of Silver, the 700 Million Mouse Warehouse Case!”

Fund Manager Replaces the Hidden Secrets of the Stock Exchange “Wonderful 3: The first largest heavy stock in Guizhou Moutai. In the first half of 2019, it replaced the bottom of the people’s livelihood and the selection of silver. The quarterly report shows that its largest heavy stock is Guizhou Moutai, accounting for 5% of the net worth.


In the second quarter, Guizhou Moutai rose by 16.

93%. In the first half of this year, Guizhou Maotai rose nearly 70%.

  Take a look at Minsheng Jiayin’s selection of other heavy stocks, or you can understand why it still causes it.

  Data source: WIND In April 2019, the Minsheng Banking Fund issued an announcement on the change of executives to welcome the new general manager Li Caogang.

  The announcement shows that Li Caogang has served as the general manager of the Minsheng Bank of China Fund since April 12 this year.

  Li Caogang used to work for Huaxia Securities, and successively served as the deputy general manager of the East Fourth Sales Department of Huaxia Securities, the general manager of Huaxia Securities Clearing Center, and the deputy general manager of Huaxia Fund.  As an old man of Huaxia Dongsi, after leaving Huaxia Fund, he joined the financial internet company China Finance Online, Sunshine Insurance, and Pengyang Fund.

  In the first half of this year, people’s livelihood and silver surrounded the dragons without heads, and the internal management was in an awkward situation.

Some media have reported that on January 25, Minsheng Plus Bank Fund disclosed the Minsheng Plus Yinruitong 3-month debt-based fund prospectus, fund release announcement, fund contract summary and other legal documents.

However, in the series of announcements, there were many low-level errors, including even the title of the announcement.

  In April of this year, people’s livelihood and banking recurred. The first pension fund promotional materials were wrong, and the official website publicity was suspected of violation.

  It was also this month that Li Caogang officially took office as the new general manager.

  Faced with such a wonderful fund, I don’t know Li Caogang, general manager of Minsheng and Bank of China, what do you think?