Banana stewed rock sugar has cough relief

Banana stewed rock sugar has cough relief

Can banana stewed rock sugar cure perennial cough?

I’m dubious.

But because the cost was not much, and the practice was not complicated, I tried to try it. However, I did not expect that after a week, the cough eased, and I continued to take it for a few days. I did not expect that not only would I no longer cough that winter.Last year’s autumn and winter, the cough did not cause, I will introduce this to everyone below, if you often cough, you can try: Method: 2 bananas, 50 grams of rock sugar.

First cut the banana into one-inch pieces (peeled), then mash the rock sugar, then put it in a bowl, add half a bowl of water, then put it in a pot, and simmer for about ten minutes, let the rock sugar melt and coolAfter eating.

  Tip: Although the banana at this time is rotten and astringent, it is difficult to swallow, but it can work wonders for cough.

Initial treatment, once a night, will be effective in a week.

There are many causes of cough, you can try this prescription, if there is no obvious effect, you should also go to the hospital for prescription.