How to Program a Great Dance

How to Program a Great Dance

Dance is a collection of movements. If you want to dance beautifully, you must first arrange it carefully.

Now let ‘s introduce choreography skills.

  Skill one: The defect is serious; to choose a difficult action that you have done very well, remember not to ask for difficulty.

  Technique two: understand the music; first you have to be clear about the music you choose to express some form of plot.

  Tip # 3: Analyze music; you want to overlap the music in sections, such as: main melody, sub-melody, transition, etc.

  Technique four, route design; design the route or team type you want to appear before you arrange and manipulate.

  Technique five: Step design. With a clear route, the pace can naturally be selected according to the direction of the route.

  Technique six: Arm design; After the steps are composed of the complete frame, the arm is manipulated to reflect the mood of the music.Transition actions or difficulty, etc.