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Insufficient sleep, appropriate tonic

Eating some “hypnotic” foods before going to bed Although we don’t have much time to sleep, as long as we guarantee the quality of sleep, we can still be 100 times more spiritual.

Experts from the District Health Care Association said that eating some foods that are good for sleep before sleep is very good for ensuring sleep quality.

Ah Chun, who works at a financial institution, said that although she slept less during the Olympics, she did not affect her work during the day.

She said that her secret is to ensure sleep quality. She now drinks a cup of warm milk every night before going to bed and feels that the sleep quality has really improved a lot.

  Experts from the District Health Care Association said that milk has L-tryptophan, a raw material that can promote sleep serotonin synthesis. Due to its effect, after drinking a glass of milk, it can produce peptides with regulatory effects, among which there are several “opioid peptides”The substance can bind to the opioid peptide receptors of the central or peripheral nerves, exert an opiate-like anesthetic effect, make the whole body comfortable, and help to fall asleep.

In addition, honey, walnuts, sunflower seeds, red dates and other foods can also play a role in sleeping. Properly eating these foods before going to bed at night will help improve sleep quality.

  Insufficient sleep is appropriate to supplement the medicated area health care association expert Zhu said that people with insufficient sleep affect the accumulation of yang in the body, known as “lost their place”; a long time will cause yang in the body (fineQi) is gradually depleting, causing human damage and affecting health and longevity.

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to seizing the opportunity to “charge” in time for lack of sleep, you can also improve the symptoms by supplementing the diet with medicinal herbs.

  Therapeutic Party 1: American Ginseng Black-bone Chicken: 20g of American Ginseng, 1 black-bone chicken (hairless and viscera), 6 shiitake mushrooms simmered with water, 5g of peel, plus 3 jujubes, and then cook together, 1To 1.

After 5 hours, add an appropriate amount of salt and season.

This diet therapy is suitable for staying up all night long, dissipating yin fluid, fatigue, fatigue, dry mouth and less food, and those with dizziness and yellowing.

  Therapeutic formula two: eel and yam porridge: one eel, cut off the internal organs, yam, 50 grams each of the previous rice, the appropriate amount of various spices.

First put the eel slices in a bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, and salt, mix together with yam, rice, and rice once a day.

The porridge has a strong tonic effect, making people full of energy and vitality.

  Therapeutic Party 3: Shen Ling Turtle Soup: 1 turtle, slaughtered, cut open and washed, 50 grams of ham, codonopsis, 15 grams of floating wheat, 10 grams of Poria, 6 grams of Ganoderma, jujube, 20 grams of onion, and ginger, Chicken soup, salt, MSG each amount.

Cook thoroughly in the casserole, drink soup and eat meat.

This diet is suitable for people who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, dark circles, decreased physical fitness, insufficient gas, and fatigue.