Five effective psychological cues before the college entrance examination

Five effective psychological cues before the college entrance examination

The results of a survey conducted by psychologists on more than 300 college entrance examination candidates show that the key to the success of the college entrance examination is firstly the knowledge and use of knowledge by the candidates; the second is the psychological state of the candidates before the college entrance examination.

The higher the college entrance examination, the more important it is to adjust your mindset.

  Through continuous training, exploring a set of effective and positive self-psychological suggestion methods that are effective for themselves is the key to ensuring the success of candidates’ sprint.

Here are some commonly used methods of self-psychological cues: Musical cues: Musical cues are the most common form of psychological cues and relaxation exercises. They are beautiful and moving music, which acts on the cerebral cortex through the auditory organs, giving the nervous system a goodstimulate.

It can invigorate your mind and cause a feeling of relaxation, enjoyment and comfort, so that the function of the brain is improved and strengthened.

It should be noted that in order to avoid text information entering the brain, the suggestive music selected should be pure music without lyrics.

  For senior high school candidates, if there is a piece of music that can relieve your anxiety and stir up fighting spirit, then this music should be your first suggestive music.

From now on, you must continue to combine and use before each test, cooperate with music to imitate the image of the success of the imagination test, adjust the emotional state, and increase the chance of success.

  Linguistic cues: Linguistic cues are also a common method of psychological cues.

Psychological research shows that the suggestive role of language can greatly stimulate human potential.

Especially in the state of hypnosis, one’s thinking activity can be completely dominated by language hints.

In fact, humans have been accepting its cues since they had language.

For example, the idioms such as “Wangmei to quench thirst” and “painting cakes to satisfy hunger” all change people’s state of mind through language cues.

  For senior high school candidates, if there is a sentence that can enhance your fighting spirit, then this sentence should become your first suggestive term. From now on, you must continue to use and cooperate with each test beforeAction, imagine the success of the exam, give yourself the greatest motivation.

Common language hints are: I must take the exam today!

  Born to me!

  Persistence is victory!

  A few times in life!

  I choose, I like!

Only fight to win!

. Food Hint: It is the function of transforming the mood of pleasure and adjusting the mood by eating a certain food or a certain beverage.

As the saying goes, it is a good luck to find psychological comfort.

In fact, what people usually like to eat and drink may have a certain effect on their mood.

  Some students will eat “Pizza Pizza”, “KFC” before eating, and “Red Bull” and “Meng milk” to drink water. They also want to strengthen their confidence and spirit.

  Senior 3 candidates, if there is some food or drink that can enhance your fighting spirit, then it should be your first suggestive food. From now on, you should also use it before each test to give yourself the greatest encouragement.

  Clothing suggestion method: It is to achieve a happy mood and adjust the mood by wearing a certain favorite clothing.

For senior high school candidates, if there is any clothing that can make you feel happy and enhance your fighting spirit, then this clothing should be your first suggestive clothing, and it should be continuously used in the gradual examination to consolidate the realization.

  Beyond the high-level college entrance examination, students need to know and master some alternative and practical means to relax, apply brakes on their own tension, worry, annoyance, tiredness and pain, and quickly restore their physical and mental strength.

  There are also some simple but very useful adjustment methods, for example: the method of deep breathing: is to find a comfortable position to sit down with your eyes slightly closed, to make your breathing process very slow, when you slowly inhale from the nasal cavity,You feel your belly bulging. When you can’t move, hold for three seconds, then slowly exhale through your mouth and nose.

Repeatedly, and in the process of doing it, I silently hinted at myself in the first person “how did I”: I breathed calmly and slowly, I felt very quiet, warm, and relaxed, and all parts of my body wereFeeling sinking and relaxing.

During the process of exhaling slowly and inhaling, experience and feel, in order to achieve a completely relaxed state.

  Methods of exercise: Proper exercise is an effective way to eliminate brain fatigue and improve mood.

In the final stage of the sprint, we must pay more attention to physical exercise, not because of excessive physical exhaustion, can not play their normal level in the college entrance examination.

Students can take jogging, walking, playing basketball, doing gymnastics and other exercises according to their actual situation, but must avoid the following sports to avoid injury.

  Massage the Neiguan acupoints: Use the thumb of the right hand to gently and rhythmically massage the Neiguan acupoints on your left forearm (the Neiguan acupoints are on the horizontal line of the wrist and the middle line of the three points upwards), and generally 36 times.

Massage the Neiguan point can adjust the mood, massage 36 times clockwise can distract attention, and predict smooth and smooth, have a positive suggestion effect.