10 "Eat life," the bad habits, get rid of more than a year to live!(1)


  How long life expectancy?May 17, 2017, World Health Organization released the "2017 World Health Statistics Report", "China's per capita life expectancy (not sex): years old," scaling down of approximately 27,777 days。According to the "formula of life" Tip: ideal state of life people can live to be 120 years old, even up to 150 years old。The genetic giving life limit per person, at least more than 30,000 days。  What is "eat" our nearly 10 years of life!!!The answer is: bad habits。
Night network specifically we summarize the 10 "eat life," the bad habits, get rid of more than a year to live!  1.Medical research has shown that lack of sleep, sleep in young people plummeted two hours a day, the risk of death increased by 20%。
  According to a new survey by the world's largest market research company TNS shows that if the sleep time per person per day less than hour, equivalent to a reduction of days per year lifespan。
People sleep less than nine hours hour or higher than the risk of cancer rises dramatically。American Sleep Association recommends adults who slept at least seven hours, eight hours of sleep duration as the standard。
  2.Drink "water" less thirsty to drink water, it will speed up the aging process。
Because the body's cells are mostly made up of water, body water is easy to damage the kidneys and liver, but also increase blood viscosity。
  Therefore, we recommend that healthy adults drink about 1500 ml of water (soup are also considered) a day, seven is about the amount of paper cups。Increase or decrease the amount of water can be adapted according to their individual body weight, activity level size。
Per adult recommended daily pound of fruits and vegetables catty。  3.Sit for too long – a study on the "Journal of the American Medical Association's Archives of Internal Medicine" shows: Compared with the daily meditation time is not more than four hours of people, every day sit-in time over 11 hours of deaths over the next three years, the risk an increase of 40%。  In addition, Australian scholar published in the "British Medical Journal" The research shows that: even if regular exercise can not make up for the potential negative impact sit too long on the body's health。
  4.I love anxious people really anxious the disease。Studies have found that 80% of impatient female cancer patients, 60% of the pursuit of perfection。  Hypertension, coronary heart disease 90 percent impatient, impatient more than 60% of diabetic patients, more than 90% of patients with thyroid disease impatient。So slow down the pace of life, give yourself a cushion of space。
  5.How much salt to salt diet most likely to lead to hypertension, high blood pressure in patients with excessive salt intake more than 70%, while the people of life lost ten factors for hypertension in first place。  Since the sodium salt consumption is the culprit increased blood pressure, and therefore, in addition to less salt during cooking, eating these foods should also be noted culprit → hypertension is not a salt, but it!Do not diet, equivalent to "poison" 6.Waist too thick so-called "belt long, life is short," Today, many common diseases are caused by obesity。  For Chinese people, male waistlines is best not more than 90 cm, preferably not more than 80 cm female (85 cm may be)。
  7.Indefinite do not eat breakfast or eat too much food are common project of life lost。
Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany show that people who eat breakfast do not pay attention to even the average life expectancy shortened years old。  And overeating will not only increase the risk of gastrointestinal problems, and the diet fed easy to hurt the five internal organs, modern medicine, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, paralysis, Alzheimer's and other diseases related to this。
  So, in the morning might spend 10?20 minutes, eat a breakfast bar, has thus put an end to lunch due to excessive hunger and overeating。
  8.Well tobacco research indicates that 23 years, the number of lethal smoke above the world average of about 7%。Although lethal in which the number of women smoking decreased by 8%, but the number of male smokers increased by lethal%。
  Many people only know how harmful alcohol abuse, but the lack of knowledge of the amount and specific hazards。
Nearly 20 years, due to people drinking death toll rose%, to males。2013 drinking death 59 people, males accounted for 83%。
So, drinking alcohol can quit it。
  9.Hong Kong men without physical examination longest life expectancy, there is a reason, attaches great importance to physical examination, in addition to comprehensive health examination, also checks based on age, gender, etc. do targeted。
  10.Do not exercise regularly who do not exercise, the body blood running slow, muscle relaxation weakness, decreased immunity, more susceptible to disease and viruses。
  And adhere to exercise can improve the ability to regulate the various systems of the body, speed up metabolism, enhance immunity。