It replaced the breakfast, three high drop, the kidney is not virtual!(1)


  We have to think three important questions every day, what to eat morning, noon, what to eat, what to eat at night。
  Today we focus on to talk about what is best to eat in the morning, this is the best, both full of nutrients, but doing it is very convenient, the key is whether East and West, both young and old, have a body good to eat。It is yam, it is not particularly surprising?  Morning to eat yam, yam super powerful effect usually eat fried soup to eat, when did you become breakfast?A change in practice would go a breakfast, such as steamed, porridge。
  Especially long iron bar yam, with the effect of spleen Qi, but also very particular about time consumption, about eight o'clock in the morning the spleen is the most productive time, this time steamed yam long, beneficial ingredients of food will be more body well absorbed。
  Steamed steamed yam yam for breakfast the most convenient, the hair must look a little scrape yam with water to scrub the mud, then cut into sections, set fire to steam for about 20 minutes。
Depending on the yam thickness, steaming time is different, the needs of each person be adjusted according to the actual situation and the furnace, it is not clear if it is not cooked, steamed sweet potatoes can be like watching the same with chopsticks Zaza。  Steamed yam on the line, do not over-processed, which otherwise yam mucus proteins destroyed, played spleen, stomach role will be greatly reduced。
  After steamed, peeled and can be eaten directly after, the beginning may feel too light, but gradually able to eat sweet food original, fresh and soft。
If you are not used to directly eat, you can eat sugar or dipped in jam。  Mountain ones when it comes to breakfast, that nature is inseparable from porridge, while wild yam is very porridge ingredients。
  There is a late Qing Dynasty famous doctor named Zhang Xi pure, love yam, in his book "Medical Zhong West recorded" records of such a story: a married woman suffering from diarrhea, for several months, have got left a vent bones, and finally Zhang Xi pure suggestion, yam porridge taken three times a day, I did not expect even drink for three months, the women gradually restored to health。  Yam pieces into porridge, plus a few torn red dates, children and the elderly are most fit to eat。
Because these two groups of dental mouth is not very good, but the digestive system is weak, and mountain ones is very easy to digest。  In addition, weak stomach or indigestion is also suitable for people who drink mountain ones。You can also make peanut mountain ones, wolfberry yam porridge, mountain ones longan, pumpkin mountain ones, etc.。
  Yam four Ps 1, yam high starch content, not once eat too much sugar Friends of yam, fresh yam If you prefer, it should be appropriate to reduce the amount of staple food。
  2, when eating hot pot, the best eating yams, or easy to get angry。  3, men suffering from prostate cancer, women with breast cancer should not eat yams。  4, dry stool, constipation best eat yams。