Nails with Shu Wen in the end is how?(1)


  Is the body's response to potential problems mirror, different diseases of different types of nails reaction, we take a look at the issue when you explain the fingernail upstream。
  If a normal physiological phenomenon on the flat, smooth, bright, and Shu Wen is not very clear, indicating that is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not require any treatment。
  Overwork or lack of sleep if the surface is smooth, there ruled a section, generally in the overworked, Yongnaoguodu or serious when lack of sleep, these will appear more obvious。Recommendation: adhere to a regular schedule, do not sleep late on weekends。
If you sleep late on Sunday got up late, then you might sleep Sunday night Saturday。  There may also be a lack of the lack of performance, this time to a multi-vitamin supplement food CPI。
For example: 1. Fruit: pear, apple, loquat, cherry, banana, longan, apricot, litchi, watermelon, muskmelon。2. Vegetables: dent vegetables, cabbage, shepherd's purse, tomato, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, spinach。3, plants: green beans, rice, walnuts。
  If the surface of intestinal inflammation appears brown or longitudinal, extending finger and has a root, it indicates that predictive intestinal inflammatory lesions or other symptoms of vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency。  Iron iron food more food with liver, clams, seaweed, black fungus, fish, chicken, beef, eggs, seaweed, spinach, sesame seeds, red dates, yams, beans, etc. In addition, eating foods containing iron At the same time, we must eat foods rich in vitamins?Fruits and vegetables, so more conducive to absorption and utilization of iron。