Students of "Chinese Love" Chinese style unique skills dazzled


The picture shows the activity site。 "Various skin color, hair colors, mouth that idea became popular Chinese words" This song is becoming a global "Chinese fever" is a vivid description。
Recently, the third to be held in Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Chinese foreign competition, Chinese enthusiasts from South Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Iran, Ukraine and other countries of "Beat attack Challenge", and by show "Chinese" unique skills, talk about their "Chinese Love"。
This year 16-year-old Liu Haojuan from Korea, interchangeable characters from wondering if they had, downwards-right, to the study of classical Chinese, the sentence, "Chinese elements" have been integrated into her life。 But memories of embarrassing stories to tell at first to learn Chinese, she was very frustrating。 "In the beginning totally not hear the difference between Chinese tones, because the Korean pronunciation There is little distinction between this tone, it will be very difficult to learn。
And different tones, the meaning of the word will be very different, and so sudden a lot of jokes。
"Said Liu Haojuan。 Pronunciation mouthful complex also let Chinese Indonesian students Yanghan Ping was very difficult。
He smiled and said: "In addition to the tone, characters before and after nasal peace tongue retroflex also difficult and 'permutations' between the ever-changing word order, 'difficulty factor' is very high。
"Despite learning Chinese often let players bruised and battered, but the 'magic' still make people bored。 China has four years to Indonesian students the right to Wei Han fluent in Chinese。 When it comes to learning Chinese the greatest feeling, right Han Wei said that although difficult, but fun。
"Poetry fun, memorable classical……Chinese culture is profound, for me, learning Chinese is a wonderful experience。
"In addition to classical proficient, right Wei Han Chinese network of terms' proficiency 'is also very high,' Meng sister ',' thin blue mushrooms" and other network hot words pop out of his mouth from time to time。 He expressed the hope that the common development of China ahead。
In the "Chinese fever" behind the global rise of China is significantly enhanced the economic strength and rising international status。
Liuhao Juan said, she was sent to Ningbo parents at the age of 10 international school。 "China's rapid development in recent years, so I think parents learn Chinese for my future career as a very big help。
The future I hope to help Chinese superiority, China and South Korea in trade-related work。 "The moon from Iran, said the original intention of learning Chinese in addition interested in Chinese culture, but also to develop better in the future。
"Now, the Chinese language fever sweeping the globe, 'the whole world speak Chinese,' learn to master the Chinese also means more opportunities for development, we must seize this dividend。 "(" People's Daily Overseas Edition "(mid-2017 Version 03 November 2) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。