The elderly live longer eating tip: less "three white" multi "three black"


  Daily life, diet is one way to health, diet knowledge about the "color" of a lot, especially for the elderly, certain role in health care, "white" and "black" very different food。 Said nearly black: Near the "three black": black rice, seaweed, black sesame; far "three white": sugar, salt, fat。
The elderly diet is far "three white" nearly "three black", here's a look at how the elderly live longer eating。   "Three white" refers to the salt, sugar, fat, these three food to eat。   Too much salt easily lead to increased blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, also increases the burden on the kidneys。 In general, a daily salt intake of 6 grams is appropriate。
  Sugar is an essential basis of material, but excessive intake easily lead to high blood pressure, obesity, liver damage。
  When the cooking method, leaching can be soup, boiled starch or dipping sauce foods eaten, the sweet and salty taste of food shallow ground floor surface, not only to meet one's appetite, but not sugar, excessive intake of salt。   Animal fats exacerbate hardening of the arteries, increased cholesterol, can not eat, but they can not eat。 In the edible oil 25 grams per person per day?30 g premise, vegetable oils and animal fats suitable ratio 10:07。   "Three black" refers to mushrooms, black fungus, black rice。
  Anti mushrooms can prevent cancer, especially mushrooms, there is dissolution of cholesterol, it can be fat, serum cholesterol, preventing osteoporosis。 The most important "black and green with" the practice of burning rapeseed mushrooms。   Black fungus is a natural anticoagulant, there is blood, blood, the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis。 There should be two or three times a week to eat black fungus dishes。   Black rice looks into the dark, nutrient-rich, the "Black Pearl" and "World rice king" in the world, especially for backache knees soft, limb weakness of the elderly, so there are black rice "rice drugs," said。 The black rice boiled fragrance glossy, black rice Ruannuo palatable, easily digested, but also has a good tonic。