Gansu strict customs' security tongue "of the products in question" zero tolerance "


  Currently, Gansu Province Food and Drug Administration has issued 2018 food safety sampling program。
Including national sampling local transfer batch tasks 4650, this provincial-level sampling batch task 6570, city and county sampling batch task 75954。
  Wang Qingbang said the high sampling work in order to improve the rate of problems found, the disposal rate, improve the efficiency of sampling and targeted regulatory standards, specific sampling work, Gansu will highlight pesticide and veterinary drug residues and other key projects, focused their attention on the level of risk, large consumption of key species , targeting key areas of large-scale wholesale markets, and so on around the campus, increase sampling efforts。   Wang Qingbang said, and strive to achieve this year supervisory examination covering different areas of urban, rural, urban fringe and so on; covering the production of certified food production enterprises; covers all varieties of food; covering production, processing, distribution, food, Internet sales and other different formats。
  2017, Gansu Province Food and Drug Administration within the province, the organization of 33 major categories of 200 varieties of food 66813 batches of food were sampling, in which the failure detection and sample questions 1594 batches, and problems rate%。   Sampling results show that overall food security situation in Gansu steady for the better, the bulk of which remain high pass rate of food consumption, daily consumption of residents in grain, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, aquatic products, fruits and other staple foods remain above%。
For example, edible oils, fats and their products as%, egg products sampling pass rate of 100%, dairy products%% is processed food, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit and other edible agricultural products sampling pass rate%。   Wang Qingbang said that from the sampling found that the problem of view, food sampling in mid-2017 the overall failure rate of%。
First, excessive microbial contamination, as% of unqualified samples; the second is beyond the scope of food additives, ultra-limited use, as% of unqualified samples; the third is disabled and pesticide residues of veterinary drugs do not meet the standards, as% of unqualified samples; four It is detected in non-food substances, as% of unqualified samples; five indicators do not meet the quality standard, accounting for substandard sample%。
  Wang Qingbang said, from the sampling results, pesticide veterinary drug residues, heavy metal contamination, biotoxins contamination issues that need attention; illegal use of additives, is still illegal to add ills, indicators do not meet quality standards and other issues are still prone to multiple, reflecting some enterprises there is the main responsibility is not implemented, risk control measures not in place。
  Gansu Province on the basis of the planned sampling of this year, according to the daily inspection, previous sampling, seasonal hot, hot public opinion, sudden food safety issues, timely organize special sampling work; combined flight inspection, routine inspection supervision system discovered issues, as well as new laws and regulations, food quality and safety to enhance the progress of the action, adjust the sampling task; the existing basis, to expand the evaluation of the pilot-scale sampling to determine the sampling task by population size, to encourage the adoption of new technology innovation sampling approach, methods and strictly carry out the sampling work in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, normative systems。
  Product sampling found unqualified for the first time to inform territorial regulatory authorities carry out the verification disposal to crack down on illegal activities, promptly sealed off the shelf, recall substandard products, the maximum risk control products。 Wang Qingbang said, while insisting sampling information published weekly exposure of substandard products, consumer protection, discipline offenders, Forced enterprises to implement the main responsibility。
Strengthen food security risk communication, provide timely interpretation of risk, risk warnings, consumer tips, and guide rational public consumption, prevent misleading rumors。 (Finish)。