Prime Minister hinted before the horse Boeing remote manipulation of the Civil Aviation Authority denies Ma MH370


Data for: aircraft debris found in Tanzania to study in Australia and Malaysia both the staff of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 aircraft debris verify whether。
  In response to this argument, Malaysia Civil Aviation Authority issued a statement on the 24th, said Mahathir's speculation and there is no substantive evidence has been confirmed or were supported, it is not appropriate。 MH370 response team leader Mykola Rudin said, "Unless the wreckage and flight data recorder revealed what happened, or else no one should draw conclusions based on the unfounded conspiracy theories。 "It is reported that Mahathir is not the first time talked about his theory。 As early as May 2014, the former Malaysian prime minister hinted that Boeing and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines passenger plane about。 He mentioned that Boeing and certain agencies have the ability to "continuous control" of the aircraft, including MH370, including, noting that Boeing should explain their system。   Mahathir said at the time: "MH370 is a Boeing 777 aircraft, which, so all communication tools and GPS devices must be installed by Boeing and equipment manufactured by Boeing。 If these devices fail or are disabled, Boeing must know how to do。 Because these devices is critical to the safety and operation of the aircraft, so Boeing must make sure that they will not easily fail。
"March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines MH370 airliner lost contact en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, followed by a large-scale search and rescue operation multinational organizations, but so far has not found the whereabouts of aircraft。
January 10, 2018, the Government of Malaysia and the United States Marine unlimited submarine exploration company signed a cooperation agreement to restart the search for work MH370 aircraft lost contact。 (Compile / Zhang Ni overseas network)。