Why is postpartum hemorrhage stool stool children what causes bleeding


As shown in Figure 6, when the blood in the stool, it will result in the loss of blood in the human body, the human body with blood and iron will be reduced, and so forth continues, will cause iron deficiency anemia, which is harmful to women is relatively large。
7, blood in the stool, and constipation can cause a vicious cycle, the digestive system will be affected to some degree。
In this case, the phenomenon of females will have anorexia, and more likely to cause a number of other women。
8, long-term blood in the stool, in addition to a number of causes lead to the occurrence of anorectal disease, but also may cause women's gynecological diseases。
Postpartum, in addition to eating fried class in terms of diet, food easy to get angry, they also need to drink more water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits。 Also usually you can drink half a cup of high concentrations of honey water before bed, so help ease the phenomenon of blood in the stool。 But if severe blood in the stool, better consult a doctor immediately。 Why children stool children stool bleeding and external bleeding can be divided into two reasons。 Medical fecal bleeding was mainly due to lower gastrointestinal bleeding caused by blood in the stool is bright red or dark red, sometimes little blood, parents often easy to overlook, if long-term blood in the stool can lead to malnutrition in children, and if too much blood one more time, It can lead to shock and even endanger the child's life, so parents must not be taken lightly。 For children stool bleeding internal diseases, treatment is generally used in injections and medicine, but will have a surgical stool in children treated by surgery。
Surgical blood in the stool of children mainly by the following reasons: The most common cause of child polyps or intestinal polyps, this is often seen in children three to six years of age, at last there will be a small amount of blood in the stool during bowel movements, stool and blood in the stool is not mix。
Postpartum hemorrhage is why children stool rectal polyps is a lump of flesh in the intestinal mucosa, there is so much, and sometimes more than a long polyps, in this case, be sure to go through surgery。 Children's stool bleeding there is a common cause of anal fissure, anal fissure refers to the anus laceration edge, mainly due to dry stool, the child too hard during a bowel movement, or anal infection or injury because children。 These can cause anal fissure, the baby will feel pain during defecation anal fissure, will drip blood in the stool, blood and stool do not mix。 Baby anal fissure, parents must pay attention to, should go to hospital for treatment immediately, otherwise it will lead to anal fistula。
In addition, peptic ulcer disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease and portal hypertension can lead to all children stool bleeding, so parents should be more careful of your baby。