Swiss government seeks to end tax on married couples "unequal"


  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] According to the Swiss News reported March 22, the Swiss Federal Council expressed the hope that amendments to Swiss tax law, to ensure that married couples compared with unmarried cohabiting couples can enjoy the same non-discriminatory financial treatment。
The proposal must also be approved by both houses of the Federal Court and the National Council Assembly。
  It reported that local time on March 21, on behalf of the Federal Council of Switzerland's highest administrative body announced a new program outline for revised tax law, aimed at ending has been going on for many years, and the direct impact of differential treatment of married spouses tax system。 Federal Council believes that the current tax law is not only unfair, but also unconstitutional。
  According to the Swiss government proposal, the tax department must first be calculated in accordance with a married couple family how much tax should be jointly paid taxes。 In addition, the tax must be paid for on the same spouses a second calculation, the calculation should be based on these assumptions one pair of cohabiting couples were taxed to。 Swiss government said in a public statement, in accordance with that married couples should be counted twice in a tax credits to lower tax。   According to reports, in 1984 the Swiss Federal Court has ruled that, if one pair of taxes paid by married couples than two unmarried but living with long-term co-partners and more than a 10%, for married couples, this kind of tax can be determined to be unconstitutional。 However, as of 2016, it is estimated that there are about 80,000 pairs Switzerland married couples at a disadvantage in the tax, because the amount of their average annual pay taxes than unmarried cohabitation, to pay taxes at the individual identity of thousands of Swiss francs partner higher。