Bald Gospel?Japanese study said French fries in favor of germinal


  Recently, a Japanese research team, said in McDonald's use of chemical dimethyl polysiloxane can help treat and even beneficial to hair regrowth。
They cultured hair follicle stem cells this chemical, so successfully grow new hair follicles Mouse 5000, and grow。
There are friends quipped: Finally, we have become more fat bald。
  What causes it 1, nutritional men: digestion and absorption dysfunction caused by malnutrition lead to bald men。
  2, obese men: a lot of saturated fatty acids generated waste metabolized in the body, leading to blockage of hair follicles bald man。   3, seborrheic man: often occurs in middle-aged body, manifested as thick oily scalp secretion, hair shiny, sparse, thin, or dry hair, dandruff and more dull, sparse fine。   As shown, the physical man 4: follicular plugging man air pollutants, harmful radiation and other causes of baldness。
 5, chemical Men: harmful chemical substances on the scalp tissue, hair follicle cells damage lead to bald men。   6, pathologic men: mainly due to viruses, bacteria, heat has on the hair mother cell damage, inhibit normal hair mother cell division, so that hair follicles are in a state of shock and lead to hair loss, such as acute infectious disease, long-term use of certain drugs, etc.。   Above the six reasons that led to the man, but in fact there is a also a major cause of male pattern baldness – the genetic causes of these six men bald above can be avoided in some ways, but genetic there is no way to avoid the bald man, and only choose to use hair transplant surgery to improve。   Prevent baldness – sooner or later, sooner or later, if you have comb my hair neatly habits?Shufa hundred times a day sooner or later, can stimulate the scalp to improve the ventilation between the hair。
Since the scalp is easy to sweat dirty places, diligent combing may help prevent baldness and dandruff。 We'd better be able to charge a little effort on your hair, keep hair smooth state。
  Prevent baldness – Replace comb comb the direction if the direction remains unchanged, hair Fenger separate places, often because the relationship between sunlight, will present a special dry or thinning。 If a separate place to start thinning, it should apply after hair cream or hair oil, massage, make already dry scalp moisturize。 Sometimes it might be a separate change of direction, not only can enjoy the fun of the hairstyle, and can be avoided at separate drying, which led to trouble bald。   Hair thin people perform best head massage because the hair is thinning or baldness and headache, it is best to do head massage, promote blood circulation。 Massage can make the hair soft, increase metabolism, promote hair growth。
The method is based on the finger massage or rub the hair on the line taut。
Before the massage, apply on the scalp hair oil, can increase the effect of。
Outer stop, using a brush made of the brush, tap the scalp daily at a right angle to be effective。