, to play a Shengjun Hao meal.Otherwise, ca都市夜网n at least point to his daughter assets.


  They removed a small town to the south of the settlement, work the body of the original line of work, with that money, bought a small cart, what a day in the market, on a small street stall, fortunately, county small, urban management was not strict, and will not go chasing all over the floor.
  Just Pei Dai Jun and original body pampered all these years, even if it wanted to suffer teeth, eat less body eliminate – Furthermore, although the two men ate a lot of food, but this is what is easily able to recover out of two do the cooking even quite new, taste, speed is also a general, always not earn much, can barely make ends meet.
  Pei Daijun although compared to a lot of his father must have the ability, but she has a full ten years, learning is how to be a rich wife, hawker stalls are the most 淡水桑拿网basic preparation fast she could do nothing, just prepare material, we can busy have back pain, there are only a little, if you want to be out looking for a job, her professional detachment ten years, not familiar with the operation of basic office software, enterprises have to beg to be excused.Original body had more than his daughter, he is accustomed to the lazy, there are about ten years behind the tour is out, things would have had to learn to forget the back of the head, not to drag on the good daughter, and gave her help.
  On the one hand he was guilty, but on the other hand can be well aware that they have nothing, only looked at her daughter dragged down by their own increasingly hard, but also always save money.
  In backward areas, always see the TV, get close network, not to mention, the development of smart phones, everyone 南宁夜网is paid by the network, and the two also with a cell phone, and occasionally look at the news.
  That time, trust Mrs. Sheng, Jiang Xiaolian have appeared on social occasions, and she Shengjun Hao perfect match, as well as romantic love story received a lot of in