, refused to reconciliation, he must go t南宁桑拿o jail.


  Pei Daijun a heard this, the entire people have almost overwhelmed her several times to Tiansheng Group, saw the crowd, surrounded by – after all, the president can only be played once Shengjun Hao did not make it into the other side even after the divorce directly changed telephone, she stone unturned, was struggling in last contacted Shengjun Hao.
  Shengjun Hao proposed conditions – he wants all property Pei family name, store, deposit – of course, he was allowed to keep such a living three fifty thousand, in addition did not, he tilted his legs, sitting in a chair, watching the ex-wife’s eyes without emotion: “then you took your dad, away from me, away from city B.”
  - Pei Dai Jun is’ll never understand why her husband will make this point, she was very confused, I do not have a loving husband and wife, happy life all 佛山桑拿false?
  In fact, Shengjun Hao idea is very simple – he was full of emotion, but also extremely ruthless man, when love the Heartbreakers, even if it is a middle-aged man, but also as torture each other and Jiang Xiaolian love dead mess.At the same time, he was ruthless to the extreme of Pei Dai Jun, his heart no longer exists the other side, and even think, if the other party has to stay in B city, but also let Jiang Xiaolian uncomfortable, let her in the social field embarrassed, he just wanted to only will protect his people want to protect, Pei Daijun it is not one of them.
  After Pei Dai Jun picked up from the Public Security Bureau in the original body, the other was detained for a few days, subject to the no small shock, was somewhat on edge, to see people have some fear, he followed her, those stores, real estate transfer pr苏州夜网ocedures do leave the B city – though he disgruntled, but may also know that he do something about it, would harm his daughter.
  I do not know Shengjun Hao abnormal psychology of him until now still reflect, he blamed himself for gullible friends, should not momentary anger