unk, then let him sign a loan contract amount is not small – time entered into in the past, long Shengjun Hao before the layout began very early, he had several times, taking advantage of his wife busy, to say that they transfer to Laozhang Ren, they use someone else’s account to transfer money to the original body, it was left behind, do evidence.


  Shengju苏州夜网论坛n Hao placed in front of the loan contract Pei Dai Jun, said he was watching it on a previous friendship, or can make Genghen.
  Not divorced, father of debt, debt payment company looking Shengjun Hao said door, to get his father was dead, but then also after the move.
  Divorce, she cleanse the family, loss of marriage, her husband, but let your father a happy old age.
  This is not a good option it?Pei Dai Jun cleanse the family signed the treaty – it was not her silly, but that time has done a great Tiansheng, Shengjun Hao is mental arithmetic mood, would have to do a lot of assets in the company, under the name of parents, there is no preparedness Pei Daijun no chance of winning.
  Pei Dai Jun’s home back to the past, and still did not contact the father came back outside to tell the other side divorce – she thought she could solve by y杭州桑拿ourself, but do not want to father at this age, but also for her to worry about.
  Original body heard her daughter a divorce, impulsive, secretly went to the Tin Shing underground garage squatting, the Shengjun Hao beat up – say to him every day, travel, hiking swimming, the body actually better than great president, he only thought he is for her daughter to export gas, but do not want it thoroughly angered Shengjun Hao, the other a big boss, he pressed Cookin meal in the basement, until security came, barely get out, either in their own company, has long been on the headlines, lost big face.
  He first told the original body, because Pei Dai Jun cleanse the family is not others, but for him the father, then faked injury assessment, a report of the original body of intentional injury