Philippines sweet bean curd or past lives came from China


According to foreign media reported on January 8, in the Philippines today, sweet bean curd (TAHO) is a cheap street food。 It is everywhere, even in air-conditioned shopping malls and elite schools in the Philippines could be seen in this figure snack installation。 Recently, in addition to the original version of the brown sugar taste, there was strawberries, purple potato and many other flavors。 But it is how popular it Philippines?Cups of delicious sweet bean curd what is unknown "family history" mean?It is reported that the Philippines and many different local snacks, TAHO before Spanish rule in the Philippines had already seen。 It's actually kind of food from China。
According to legend, bean curd TAHO used originated in the Han Dynasty。 On one occasion, when Prince Liu refining elixir of life soybeans and bamboo fungus mingled together, although there is no magic pill to Make, but made curd。
There is also a more credible version says so: there is a family in the preparation of soy milk soup, accidentally contain a small amount of sea salt impurities got into the boiling milk soup。
Coarse salt in a lot of calcium mixture was condensed to form a gel-general of tofu。 Of course, some people say that the Mongols originally discovered tofu production process, was later to learn Chinese people own dishes。
Now is a TAHO with bean curd, brown sugar syrup and sago pearls food, is one kind of ubiquitous snack Philippines。 In the production process, Filipino first with fresh silky, comparable to the Italian panna cotta texture of the curd do at the end, then add brown sugar on a bean curd (some vendors trafficking TAHO use vanilla flavored brown sugar), and finally cover a spoonful of transparent and flexible sago pearl, glass TAHO even completed。 Goodies can spread a long, long look at the simplest form can not stand the test of time since。 TAHO in this area is very good。 While globalization and popular culture to Filipino tastes and diet dynamic tremendous impact, but all Filipinos whenever they hear the street vendors "tahooooo" cries, my heart will still be hit Stream。
(Internship compilation: Hu Yajie Reviewer: Zhu Ying library)。