Daughter Pei Dai Jun, a generati广州桑拿on born to parents loved by, her character, more like the parents of the complex, on the one hand there is the idea of progress, but also to eat the bitter, on the other hand it also adaptable, gentle, focused her studies, B admitted to the University City, met with the school’s seniors Shengjun Hao, the two fall in love, come to苏州夜网gether.
  That time Tiansheng Group B in the city famous, lucrative, may also be far less than during the first period of prosperity, although only the middle Kurtis, regarded climb, can also still in the acceptable range, the two settled after they both do for the marriage.
  Shengjun Hao of the yard is quite strong desire to control, he married his wife take care of the central family at home, he said he expatriate lifestyle, wanted to see her at home to enjoy a good rest, and that his parents, grandparents long at home, need care, Pei Dai Jun and parents have discussed this matter, Pei mother some hesitation, immediately agreed to the original body, he thought quite simple, but work outside is not easy to do, you can enjoy at home is not very good?Pei Dai Jun said, but her husband, and her father quite agree, she did not g无锡夜网o out to work, stay at home.
  They married the third year, the Pei mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, after some treatment, or died passed away, Pei Dai Jun day and night in the care of his mother, did not pay attention to the body, miscarriages.
  Among other things, Shengjun Hao is still very own method Tin Shing Group are flourishing in the business enterprise, have a reputation across the country, Pei Dai Jun gradually get busy, start a good wife to help her husband to start a Mrs. diplomacy, scoring various social circles, Tin Shing help find a lot of opportunities, including this one, the day served in pre-market, several crises encountered, she never questioned her husband had one, just quietly accompany him, after staying up late in his treatment, add a cup of coffee, prep