he stops to struggle, including the negotiation and Jiang Xiaolian, to nursing homes leads to stimulation of ginger each other almost myocardial infarction, late at night to find her husband driving a sports car chase, etc. Kanaya, her wild excitement to the Shengjun Hao, tolerate each other, taken overall Pa common thunder means, she finally divorced, then Jiang Xiaolian and happy life together.


  The novel is a passing of the outcome of the first wife: “Jiang Xiaolian was removed later that I heard from others, who hold the former wife and her father, who are accustomed to luxury living, not long after they spent all the money, I do not know to go where, probably flies well, but it also does not matter to her, and she just want to go with her Mr. Sheng, this is her life’s most important treasures.”
  This accustomed luxury living, then without a trace of Mrs. Sheng and her father, is the daughter of the original body Pei Dai Jun and his.
  Of course, in the original body of this story is another version – would be able to on a social南宁夜网 news headlines, ruthless husband Bailian small three first wife of the world to join hands to push back the story.
  Original body family in general, and his wife, both against the parents of the Shadow, opened a small restaurant, insufficient home than, worse than, actually develop a personality of his laziness, he always had a desire to rustic life, is eat, drink, I do not know progress.Although the restaurant was handled from their parents, but he does not always think of improvements dishes, is also thought to emerge, anyway, so muddling along, after all, home to store a good location, as long as doing neither good nor bad, business is not always bad, there apartment and a car, how can there be so many things to worry about.
  His wife worked harder than he can a leopard change its spots, although every day bed can sleep, can not c北京夜网论坛hange her husband’s personality, had to follow the original body, so runs a small restaurant, save some mo