he two mutual affection, she borrowed a sum of money, even if Chores, she will find a way to pay back the money.


  - Then, is the classic romantic novels of the plot, Shengjun Hao made a condition of the exchange, he can give money, or even parents access to the jiangjia B city, was admitted to a nursing home, enjoy the best treatments and services, but he asked, Jiang Xiaolian to live in hi深圳桑拿网s private villa, which he Jinwucangjiao, promised all his ideas.Jiang Xiaolian understand the meaning of his words, parents can face serious injuries, even their own books not keep up, she chose to bow, she had become reluctant to do, but also despise the third, became the canary Shengjun Hao.
  For harmony reasons, the novel only in passing the two talked about life in a small villa, the simple summary is Shengjun Hao out of Abnormal Psychology, repeatedly tortured Jiang Xiaolian, even doing what the side and his wife on the phone, while let him sit Jiang Xiaolian things.He let Jiang Xiaolian completely dependent on him at the same time, but also her long-term self-torture, three years later, in the face before dying wasted step father and mother asked, Jiang Xiaolian has no guilt close to reappear, she chose to flee – this time the main character transformation, abused become Shengjun Hao, Xiao Lian lose his distress, be a huge blow to his hard to find, after I found Jiang Xiaolian, has experienced many challenges before once to her side.
  He told Jiang Xiaolian, his feelings and his wife, has long existed in name only, his wife is like a 北京夜生活vampire, and only with him for money, he never returned home almost throughout the year, if not fear of affecting Tiansheng assets, his old long ago with his wife divorced, but he’d do anything to Xiao Lian!
  Shengjun Hao described the novel to his wife, is a beautiful vase, she left Shengjun Hao would be no ability to survive, firmly hold the other party always has, therefore face asked her husband wanted a divorce, and she almost ran out all t