is simply unsightly, but simply expensive and all the bells and whistles of a single product overlap, living the summer clothes come up with a Christmas tree effect.


  ”Do you have what it takes to help?”Pei Naochun began, the other party like a faint sigh of relief, then just keep go on up.
  ”.I, I hope you can help my daughter.”The man sighed..
  Pei Naochun from Listening to the man speaks start to finish, no open mouth shut too, mind is full of crazy dancing to “It will do”.
  Early on, an epidemic of this type of fiction, is often summarized as “sadomasochistic love”, as usual expressions, women attracted to pay, the male indifferent, tortured in every possible way, emotional, physical abuse after a 北京夜网double, care of the household came to their senses, the male chasing the endless suffering, indomitable, even repeatedly refused care of the household, but also the difficulties of the last two will fall in love, and live in the US United States, like in the old days that would have a little pain general上海夜网 to happiness vanished successful finale.
  This time, Pei Naochun to enter, and that is such a classic abuse of the text, it also has a vivid name, called “Because you love and guilt”, with its tear core sales is high.
  The story is about the care of the household Jiang Xiaolian was only 20, became apparent, slim, lightness finds, the village grew out of her, although his family was poor, can be tough personality, by virtue of the efforts, was admitted to the famous institutions, large two summer of that year, in the introduction counselor, she went to the well-known Tin Shing Foundation to do summer jobs, a lucky coincidence, she arranged the Ministry of personnel to the president of the Secretariat.Tin Shing Foundation is one of the best domestic listed companies, regardless of market capitalization, annual profit growth, people must w苏州桑拿网onder, is less than kissing, and the company president Shengjun Hao, but also repeatedly boarded the “financial”, “People” magazine