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  They finally understand clearly that this was concealed for nearly two decades story – Pei Naochun never thought of myself in this story about the right to choose, is in the hands of son.
  They knew, turns out that the great scientist had been lost children, intelligent bracelet founder of the mind, not the name, not for profit, but for no more children will be lost.
  In the ternary and between five yuan, there is a four yuan Foundation, the full benefits of the past few years to ring on the hand, almost all donated, invest in them, adhere to the Franco-Prussian, anti-trafficking, protection of children, in their efforts, after almost every village have left the relevant slogans and cartoons, even villagers know nothing about the law, also received a small printed cartoons of porcelain, knowing trafficking, buying severity of the child.
  ”.I am very happy.”In the interview at the end of time, Pei Yuanbo with a smile, of all people listening to a story when they cry, he did not cry, u佛山桑拿网ntil at last he is still laughing.
  This issue of “Meet with Success” set a maximum amount of playing network programs, are analyzed one by one shot, many Internet users share their own place in the surrounding sad story of trafficking, but also triggered a new round trafficking of attack, affecting long history.
  Pei Pei Naochun has bid farewell to the grandmother and Yang Qiuping, his body still Jianlang, in both time and death in the world to stay for a few years, until the body can not support, did not stop the pace of work.
  He witnessed the son and nephew of co-founded five yuan more prosperous, watching two kids get married and have children – Pei Yuanbo indulge in research until nearly forty, before he had his favorite people, experiencing a lot of arduous pursuit, finally Outrageous.
  Peiyuan Bo do not know how t杭州桑拿洗浴o marry him, it is a method to find a hodgepodge network of movie games quietly pack up, come to a surprise attack.
  Later, his wife – another energy