, if not save it, it is a human life, she will not last through a lifetime of conscience.


  This arrived at noon, the village in which the people who work there, also continued to come back from work, Ruan also bustling.
  Do not know when, Zhao Xiaoling take their children also went to the home to see Zhao Xiaoling, Zhou Xiuying uncomfortable in his heart, “Where have you been previously??”
  Zhao Xiaoling a stiff body, “Zhigang got to forget something, I put things to the village to the mouth!”She pretended casually mentioned that” the family is what happened to it?”
  Zhou Xiuying but also what to say, but was Nguyen rain to stop, and she smiled, “Nothing, soon to noon, and they want to 北京风月会所come back uncle, sister do you help a hand with rice milk, eat breakfast, afternoon good to go to work every day inside!”Zhao Xiaoling originally in the morning should go to earn work points, but she took a half a day off to take the kids out around town one morning, he came back to the point of the meal.
  She said the word went undoubtedly tie Zhao Xiaoling at the pit of the stomach.
  Zhao Xiaoling looking for a stiff, “the afternoon.Zhigang afternoon that I visited the commune slightest thing!”So the obvious prevarication, if Nguyen rain and Zhou Xiuying listening does not come out, it is really a fool .
  Zhou Xiuying Lengheng heard, “noon Zhigang come back, I’m going to ask in the end is what!”Words of a down, Ruan courtyard outside came the sound of footsteps on the outside work of the Ruan men are off work.
  Ruan Zhi广州桑拿wu happily running back, he pulled Ruanzhi Wen’s hand and asked, “younger brother, the morning that things do not become?”
  Ruanzhi Wen pretended not to know, and not be slow road, “what?”
  Ruan Zhiwu anxious hopping, “is that you let me find ah wild honeycomb?”
  Ruanzhi Wen also funny at their own brother, Nguyen rain came to the rescue brother came back from the hands of Big Brother, she smiled and said, “Thank you, big brother to help me vent it!”She Xie this, Ruan