e country has entered into a collaboration – insert ID card automatic identification, no driver’s license is automatically turned off manually driving operation, have a driver’s license, you can manually be automatically.The discount will share this technology to countries other car companies, common prosperity.]


  ”and also.”Pei Yuanbo cleared his throat, suddenly a little embarrassed, the audience is just noise has been static,” All glory belongs to Mr. Pei Naochun, Dad, I’m your proud of it?”
  Pei Naochun the audience clapping, just nodded, his face full of happy, and long arms around the stage Pei Yuanqi Peiyuan Bo, the two smile revealing a neat white teeth, very bright.
  Like a studio for a long while barrage was cleared, but the silence down.
  [I say!They are a people!!!!]
  [Finally know why I can not do a scientist, my father hand!.]
  [and so.This is also a pulse is said not named yet?My foreign friend first introduced five and ternary 深圳桑拿网very difficult time, say 3 yuan and 5 yuan]
  Although the conference is over, the discussion can be continuous and not over – although Peiyuan Bo and Pei Yuanqi have and clutch each other, with Naochun behind in PEI, home and Pei grandmother, Yang Qiuping, small Su – yes, it when Peiyuan Bo was a single dog, celebrated together, we can be outside the storm continues.
  ”A three excellence, intelligent ring from the hand of new energy vehicles to unmanned.”
  ”Yuan family, little-known legendary technology companies.”
  One after another, maxed out headlines of the site, but also on the same day, five yuan of new energy vehicles, agreed to an interview with television, they just want to concentrate on doing business, determined to make good the users to answer questions in the interview.
  ”Meet with Success” is a traditional business pe深圳桑拿网ople talk show, a show set in advance out a good outline, and invited guests, can be at the scene, everything was overturned whole.
  The audience’s state of mind from excitement, to shock, and finall