in the fourth floor ballroom, today held a public online live product launches, organizers fared burgeoned in recent years is a five-membered New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., who first introduced this three generations of electric cars on the market quickly seize the market, a lot of honor.


  Relevant staff running around backstage rush, the eyes full of eager, I do not know how two parked cars impress booth, covered with red silk top, only to see the shape, a lot of positive media or squatting or patting according to the station’s real time with first-hand information.
  Time is up, the glittering nod into one, appears in the center of the table, it is Peiyuan Bo and Pei Yuanqi two cousi杭州桑拿ns, though the two are brothers, can never be shaken temptation, trust each other’s decisions, mutual achievements.
  ”Today, we invite everyone to this, is the witness, we have a new car five yuan of new energy vehicles released, and I believe that after today, there will be another driver of the birth of a new era.”Said Pei Yu深圳桑拿网anqi presided over the word, with the series field, ‘first of all, we have to call out, our only, permanent and important guests, Dr. Pei Naochun -‘
  Out from the background, is just to Pei Naochun retirement age, and he has dressed neat, did not say anything, the audience sat quietly, behind a heavy shadow.
  Barrage live in has been blown up, and now smart bracelet, has achieved national popularity, ternary and then another company upgraded several times, and now smart bracelet, appeared to be connected to the phone’s functions have part-time, and listen He said that even the projection functions are in development, and naturally the name Pei Naochun He knows.
  [I would have guessed!All surnamed Pei, is a eight hundred years they must, or how a man named three yuan, five yuan it called?]
  [Oh, and I also named it a big sta苏州夜网r, eight hundred years ago it was one, do not believe.]
  [Professionals appear, should support it, watching silently, but with Mr. Pei do end