uanqi, this matter Peiyuan Bo heard a tip on the table, and later by the father is a tuition each year, cost of living, and found a good family relatives, foster families do.Come summer vacations, Pei Yuanqi also often invited to come, and Pei Pei Yuanbo received a lot of counseling together Naochun.


  To the university, the two have passed the same professional, business together in the last year, he resolved, in a nod father’s laboratory, se深圳桑拿网t up only three members of such a miniature laboratory.
  Two yuan things by the book, said: “In this season of grass sprout, spring breeze, whether human or animal.”
  ”speak English.”
  ”Mr. Yuan Kai and laboratories Miss Su went on a date the.”Dual board the chamber,” According to my long-term human studies, for the monitoring laboratory, allow me to see that Mr. Pei!During the discussion of their data, Mr. Kai Yuan and Miss Su only looked at you when you speak glances, they looked at each other with each other can, laughing a full forty-one; two in the Pro out, take off under gloves, just hold each other’s hands.”
  Two yuan roll lazily made a gesture, though it is simply empty roll: “In other words, Congratulations, Yuan Yuan, you become a laboratory, a unique single dog.”It is now an addiction artificial intelligence to learn a lot o广州桑拿网f network terms.
  ”Stop, do not you single AI?”Pei Yuanbo very cold.
  Two yuan felt humiliated again: “We do not need artificial intelligence love!”
  ”I love my battery!”Pei Yuanbo solemnly kissed his works one,” the researchers do not need love.”
  Two yuan did not say anything, quietly spread his flat, according to the law of Hong true humanity, it believes, and soon after, Pei Yuanbo will regret it, but fortunately it has just select the recording function, the time.Hey hey hey hey.
  Technology, affecting the development of the times; the times, but also to promote the technology forward, Imagine the future of mankind like the stars, work together to create a miracle.
  B City Hotel is located