as her makeup course his achievements by leaps and bounds, and there is nothing worth showing off?


  Voice faded, the teacher of Vitex fell down, “Lu Xiaorui good results you ought to learn from him, to see what kind of hybrid you, dare to openly school hours do not lecture, if the class is not ah fly overhead, it is outside Who, your dad or your mother ah, you see the excitement.”
  Liu Bao beaten body can not fight back, rubbed his backhand burning the place to introduce people outside, “is the land tetra, Lu Xiaorui he tetra.”
  Classmates years of friendship, the family about how many people will play and good students, said Lu Xiaorui there are several uncles class peop杭州桑拿洗浴le know, Chong Lu Xiaorui whispered, “You come to do ah tetra?”
  Lu Xiaorui also ignorant, he tetra no reason to come to school to do, he felt that Liu Po-nonsense, but look at the people standing in the back door, he did not refute Liu Dabao, then shouted a voice nono tetra, Lu Jianxun embarrassing Chong waved gray-haired teacher, “teacher, I take my nephew to school after school, I am sorry to interrupt you to class.”
  Where did he think of Liu Dabao courage so great, still in school would sneak out and talk to him, ah, respectfully bowed to the old man expressed his regret.
  His mother taught them to care for the young, the old man look older than his mother too big a dozen twenty.
  ”The school prohibits parents wander in and out of campus you do not know?On your baby is a treasure not rain shower is not?If other parents like you are free to enter the campus interfere with students in class, the teachers should not go to school?You go look at the school gate, Which take the child’s parents are not waiting outside the?”
  Do not look at the old man in the school pleasant temper, at home, it was a hot-tempered, Liu Bao, then loss of his face, l深圳桑拿网eaving him intolerable Lu Jianxun’s defiant, he sip Min Chun, serious and said, “I know how to do Ni Tuizi?It is derived from people like you who come out.”