A thousand days of black tea, black tea thousand days of practice, how to do a thousand days of black tea


Brewing tea thousand days of open water with a hot cup, drain water, so that the temperature of the tea to raise tea brewing temperature is relatively stable。
The amaranth flowers with fresh water to wash your dry ready for use。 The shuffled into the cup safflower thousand days, poured into boiling water soak capped boring about 5 minutes, until the flower is fully unfold, appropriate amount of sugar was added to。
The efficacy and role thousand days of proper tea drinking tea this section may be clearing away heat, expectorant cough, asthma, time for summer hot and dizziness dizziness, cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis drink。
In addition to the beauty of women, this section also has a tea whitening, slimming blood pressure, detoxifies, anti-aging effect。
Thousand days of black tea efficacy and role of clearing away heat appropriate section drinking tea can clearing away heat, while drinking hot for summer and dizziness lightheadedness。 Liver Dingchuan thousand days of black tea a Liver Dingchuan effect, cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis can often drink。
Endocrine regulation thousand days of black tea to soften and dilate blood vessels, endocrine regulation, skin lightening, anti-aging。 Tea thousand days promoting blood circulation path with blood stasis analgesic effect, mainly used amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, lochia not。