lassroom is not the point, he remembered the two front desk girls pick up stones to play a game, how suddenly no sound, he seems to have a sense of turned around and swept into the corner piece dark blue pants and quickly looked down, trembling shouted, “old, teacher.”


  ”Liu Dabao, you can endure ah, homework is not done properly, deserted even in class, and al苏州夜网so ran to the door to talk to people, your parents pay tuition is to let you play in it?To go play outside, do not be led astray by her classmates, where you live, I want home visits on Sunday.”The teacher is a sixty year-old man, many students do not have enough teachers, principals please him on behalf of classes, such as hiri都市夜网ng teachers let him go, he believes, is willing to study the efforts they know, you do not want the knife shelf their neck is useless, so he took a voluntary basis to students in the class can accommodate the inclusion, he admitted that he did look bad, but he will not personally classroom suddenly less able to detect.
  Liu Bao turned out that he is blind?
  Liu Bao was arrested in force, blush became a persimmon, “Teacher, I lived very far away, either home visits or forget?”Xue Huahua really want to know what he’s doing in school he was finished, how do not let the teacher go home visits.
  ”Lu Xiaorui, you and Liu Po is not it the same villages, and I tell you where he lives, on Sunday I went to your production team to do home visits.”
  And the case of Liu Dabao different, Lu Xiaorui good grades in class, sitting three ro南宁桑拿ws, listening to the teacher points to his name, he stood up, “Teacher, we are the production team of Union Village, walking to ask you, go It will not take long to.”
  Liu Po-fried hair, “said Lu Xiaorui Well, good grades you hope the teacher home visits, Why do not you doing well when teachers want to do home visits?”Do not think he does not know the situation, Lu Xiaorui good results thanks to his aunt gave him little makeup, his aunt is a little youth, know a lot, h