class teacher saw him, he had wanted to call out to other schools where children learn, parents something, then go to the school gate waiting for, come in affect school teachers, I heard his identity, however, the teachers changed his mind, knowledge itself is not that high Lu Jianxun, directed Xue Huahua position in the hearts of the leaders of the county they are untouchables, since untouchables, why open the mouth.


  Everyone in the class, Lu Jianxun sitting on the veranda, the legs out into the outside北京夜网, through the shed roof rainwater to wash their own foot.
  Over the veranda towards the top go down, high-grade and low-grade classroom classrooms almost half the height of the gap, he leapt with one hand propped go, just listen to the classroom of people shouting, “powerful, amazing, indeed arrested thief.”
  Then the teacher majestic voice, “Lisi Zheng, Arise, sentences, using the words on the blackboard, I see how strong you.”
  ”what.”Named the teacher pig flew bitter face.
  Lu Jianxun funny, but the teacher said to give him a wake, the children were in school, his behavior can interfere with them, or do not swinging well everywhere, he squatted outside the classroom, bored listening to the teacher, high school classrooms significantly more noisy , especially classrooms behind, can hear a lot of voices Xixisuosuo, he carefully杭州夜网论坛 tilted peeped through the back door, his grandmother, and the last row of the boys do not lecture, secretly playing tofu, let Lu Jianxun surprised that the fight tofu the boy was none other than Sun Gui Xian mouth mouth cantilever cone Cigu Dabao.
  Be considered beyond the pale in hunting, must come not a waste of effort?
  About as big as his eyes too hot, hey play is two people turned, recognized him, the big treasure surprised almost cried out, but fortunately timely covered his mouth, otherwise it will certainly disturb the teacher on the podium.
  Lu Jianxun see their big treasure that will converge much more, who knows after surprise, h