did not react losers happen to see a group of Xiaoluobutou rushed over, “you can talk about things that do catch the thief, the thief was really scared ass urine flow you do, there are also深圳桑拿网 there, Feng Valley Township commune thief really is not scare you do, you spent any way ah.”


  Some of the stories are still not listening to a lot of times it is boring, on the contrary, whenever I hear all feel particularly fresh, you know, Lu Jianxun characters in their eyes and textbooks are no different, when he saw a real person, so exciting, the original land of rock is not a lie, their home is amazing West.
  Everyone rushes to ask questions, asked Lu Jianxun disoriented, when he ‘s much?Catch the thief is not to his credit, is a thief and his mother desperately to act decisively, as for other deeds, but also his mother’s head collar, really want to say his powerful place, then, is the farm last year to test the 100-point thing, but half a year ago is a thing, not worth mentioning.
  Lu rock pull his clothes, “Lu tetra,苏州夜网 you tell them about your catch the thief thing, I also want to hear.”That he is still small, just remember waking up Houge Ge say thieves storage room, grabbed their uncle is in German, he timid, far aim only dare to two, and later often think he would regret it, how it does not come nearer, look carefully in the class was bragging blown vigorously ah.
  Lu Jianxun pumping the pumping mouth, hesitated where to begin to speak, just listen to the jingle bell sounded the bell, time for class.
  West classroom next door next door, heard the bell, he hurried toward Lu Jianxun said the sound and ran away, the boys around Lu Jianxun even reluctant, had to return to the classroom, in particular, hear the voice of the classroom teacher knock the table , is run fast, a few seconds, no people around, Lu Jianxun a little difficult, heart and said he was about to tell the story.
  Lu Jianxun sensation caused by that small is not small, at least the classroom waiting for the