in the palm patted force, land and rock stomping,” can not shoot, you see, when I played no shot, pig, you must not lie, th上海夜网en lie I do not play.”


  Called pig boys busy stop action, the right hand and tofu, meat Lu Jianxun saw him moved his cheeks, “I do not see you knocked.”
  Read a few rounds Lu Jianxun to react, in addition to land and rock pig, the other is to watch the crowd, good Bi Xixi, he was pulled over rocky land morale.
  ”rock.”Lu Jianxun shouted a voice, strode past, people around the play was in full swing all turned silent on the veranda at once, shouting in the classroom is gone.
  ”Tetra, you come ye?”West to call the export happily ran towards Lu Jianxun,” tetra, tofu rock they hit it, he can be powerful, winning two.”
  Lu Jianxun put away the umbrella, “I pick you up from school, you ah Shashi Hou school?”
  ”There are lessons only released.”
  Lu rock answered a God, shouted a voice tetra land, put away the ground tofu, pig hey sound,杭州夜网论坛 “I hit the stone, you do not lie.”
  ”I’m not lie, I tetra came, I told him to speak.”Lu rock for their own sophistry, the tofu in her pocket, ran to bounce Lu Jianxun,” Lu tetra, you come too early, we have a lesson it.”Lu pointed rock not far from the office,” school class will ring the office, tetra land will be to listen to, school bell and not the same class.”
  Pig never seen Lu Jianxun, he asked Lu rock, “rock, he Who?”
  Lu rock thumbs up, “I Miss tetra, tetra West, we are the most powerful production team, he examinations can be powerful, high school papers can test 100.”
  For Union Village production team catch the thief thing, the class has a lot of stories, some of which are land-Rock said, some people coming out of high school, saying they listen to the village of Union students said, now listen to rock introduced Lu brea杭州桑拿th, they immediately think of Lu Jianxun and thieves wits story, his face conceal his excitement, “you are a thief particularly severe test you hear that name detour?”
  Lu Jianxun bewildered,