, severe school bullying, risk making minor injuries, intelligent bracelet promptly notify the parents, linkage alarm, after interference intervention, students change schools escape sufferi无锡夜网ng.3, domestic violence seriously, extending its tentacles to children, intelligent hand ring the police immediately, the Association has been involved in the protection of minors.”


  ”Upstairs to see the news, I silently laughed, bracelets patent holder, is a professor at the school, he had mentioned, initially just wanted a ch杭州桑拿ild to protect the basic physical health, targeting anti wandered off anti-trafficking wristband.Professor should also do not know, and later developed a so versatile it!”
  ”.Saying that no one thought it a waste of tax?Now all pension deficit, and also made this?Single people like us, but also in vain for this expenditure.”
  ”As a government related staff, specially put on the vest to be a simple science, the cost of smart bracelet, is Pei Boshi down to the lowest point, even experienced several years of upgrading, single bracelet, there is no cost more than thirty, take thirty, to ensure a healthy child, maybe you do not want to be a lot of people are willing to just what it is to all the people of the project, the future everyone will have – Furthermore, said the health of children grow up, their own will pay tax, known 天津夜网hope.”
  ”I saw the head of the National Public Service Announcement smart bracelet project – because it has a lot of parents have the attitude of rejection, the government will organize personnel to conduct propaganda lectures, science repeatedly every year, put on top of big data, and numerous smart bracelet scenes role, but also ask you a good glance.Who is not the child grows it?Among other things, you know, after the popularity of hand ring, summer drowning less how many children died in accidents do?Child neglect because their parents died of how much less it?In recent years trafficked children are almost zero – because as long as yo