ow up happily.]


  [Yang Qiuping: I believe.]
  For most ordinary people, they did not read the news network’s habit, even if it is read, and most are open when eating, do not know if I have really heard the ear, intelligent bracelet this, there are many people at first glance, I just feel that somehow, Made in, suddenly felt unbearable anger, many intellectuals like to publish their ideas on the internet, quietly published a wide range of accusations, review articles, hardly a say good word.
  ”The tax people where to go?The so-called smart bracelet in the end it makes sense?”
  ”Smart bracelet is another scam to cheat the government funding it?”
  ”Children do not need a smart bracelet, please answer the question I ten o’clock.”
  Only at this time, the network is also not particularly prosperous, he failed to form a 深圳桑拿网government felt compelled to public opinion quickly, no matter how those who are against the common enemy, can not wait to eat this “Pei Boshi” meat are also only silently choose to give up – deaf ears, but also how they do it?Finally, only quietly watching from the other subjects.
  Intelligent policy bracelet, soon to promote top-down down – take this opportunity to also start earlier to the hospital, public security, civil affairs various parts of the linkage of newborn demographics, basic information newborn registration, just less than six years effort, even in remote mountain villages county seat, children under eight years old, but also a smart bracelet the hand.
  Also in that year, the state launched the second round of the smart bracelet plan and incorporate them into the third round planned over the next five to ten years广州桑拿网 of national planning – the second round, will start with the elderly over sixty start and the third round will achieve universal coverage.
  This time, the news on the Internet and news network disclosed together with the development of the information age, this topic, click on the hot search, triggered a national debate杭州桑拿 in the t