hort, it is the most intelligent!


  Hear some intermediate keywords Peiyuan Bo suddenly surprised a moment – as if he can think of, my father made this bracelet original intention, if we had had such a bracelet, maybe he will not get lost it?
  At the same time, Yang Qiuping in the next room are thinking about it.
  Husband before reaching cooperation with countries in advance and she said, now available in large shopping malls, intelligent robots, intelligent bracelet, even if it is only the bracelet motion monitoring function, can sell very good price, more Not to mention the security that comes with full-featured type bracelet, and if his name patented technology into a comme深圳桑拿网rcial, profit can be made a lot of money.
  But Pei Naochun business people did not agree brainer, he chose the initiative and approached the country, in order to convince countries to invest funds in this area – and this is because of the power of individuals seem insignificant in the face of the country, if individuals to promote, time-consuming, it is difficult to obtain the corresponding effect, he will be at their disposal new chip supercomputer technology available to countries in exchange, the only condition is that the state investment funds, to promote, to promote the convenience, he passed several studies have cost bracelet pressure to a minimum.
  But this also means that might otherwise relied Dongfeng “riches” of the home, still like now, living off the day before he made the decision, the head of a choice, is to seek the vie杭州龙凤网ws of Yang Qiuping.
  Yang Qiuping heard a function of the bracelet, after the trial himself, not with hesitation hesitation, immediately agreed, her mind when she wanted nothing, just talking back and forth to the TV drama words: “If there this bracelet, that the pain of waiting for a full seven years, we 北京风月网will have?”The current state of life is already rich, she hopes, will help to families may be harmed in the future.
  Of course, Pei Naochun are allowed under sta