Nothing bad.


  The next night, and Yu Pei Yu Chak appointment, elegant building in the heart of an environment, and good law ** meet at the restaurant.
  At the appointed time, they arrived on Center Building underground parking.
  When riding the elevator get on the top floor, Donna asked: “After the meeting, if he let me leave out five million how do you?”
  ”.impossible.”Said Yu Ze.
  ”How impossible?So all the drama played!”
  ”You will leave me for five million?”
  ”will not.”She said firmly:” Taking into account your ability to make money, give me five million I can think about.”
  Yu Chak under cold face: “No consideration.”
  She rolled her eyes, he deliberately make faces gas.
  The elevator door opened, she was one second back softly sweet little sister Bo Dina.
  In front of her, the show has a lot of drama Yu Ze discredited claim to be an actor.
  After the two men walked into the restaurant dimly law, soon had the waiter bring them to a table near the window.
  Yu Pei sitting at the table, after seeing them, leaning on his cane up for Yu Ze smile: “Brother.”His eyes fell Donna who nodded his head and said:” Hello.”
  Busy woman sitting beside him follow up, that