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  The police began to record notes, such as dry mouth can leave she said, after opened the door, looked up to see sitting on a bench in the hallway Xing twilight.
  He stood up, lightly: “Come.”
  Xin long micro-short follow up, walked silently next to him.
  I do not know how long he waited for her?
  The night had exceptionally long, she was lying in bed bath home, think of everything happening tonight, my heart kept cursing the system useless, spicy chicken.
  System sadly said: “Rebound.”
  Xin long micro gas laughed: “do not let say spicy chicken?”
  The system did not speak for a long time.
  In fact, it is my heart knock knock wronged innocent, but it can not be said.
  Then Xin long micro discovered that behind every night and begin to shut down the system.
  Author has to say: Last night relatives Films, go to dinner, come back tired to death, so.
  I wish gentlemen National Day (holiday) happy?I love mud Meng?One by one kiss?Meng feeling the mud conscience Cengceng ~~

Chapter 116
  The first few days she was never seen little brother next door, she thought, please Xing evening meal, as a thank did not get the chance.
  Driving there in a group of social software