But this is Chen diving ah, Song Liang Chen quickly realized that diving meaning: “diving, I.Well, this is me.”


  ”You also do not treat me as one of us?”Chen diving took his words and said:” how, is ready to send me over some supermarket shopping card, fuel card or send point ah?”
  Song Liang embarrassed scratched his head: “I really do not see things mean.”
  ”Did you mean I do not know, but in my eyes diving Chen, who gave me old trick is to talk to me see things.”Chen diving suddenly stopped smiling:” Do you really want to send me something, well, let me do direct work desk drawer, I’m sure to close.”
  Song Liang Zhengzhu.
  ”But I just accept it, it shows that I do not send things to people when their own brothers.”Chen continued diving.
  Oh, the Song of light to engage in a little trick children are gone.
  ”All in all, I Chen diving on the word, if people take me for one of us, I certainly would not put him as one of us.”Chen diving and then he smiled at just serious:” The Old Song, do not blame I did not warn you.”
  Song Liang dumbfounding shook his head: “Chen diving, you are the brother I Song Liang is identified.”
  ”I do this work in tables may not receive the ‘gift’ slightly.”Chen diving grin laughed and said:” Do not blame I did not give you a chance, I really want to thank delivery cigarettes ah,