Picture a mirror in the end, and so went to Sheng Joe grinning lying in bed, smiling and recall just met when the two princes, supporting role along the director’s gesture came running.


  He threw open the door, rushed to the bedside: “three pick, Dan Dan the room absolutely true that you are not being taken away?”
  Sheng saw Joe screamed, suddenly grabbed the quilt, again and again retreated to the foot of the bed, made a pity I still see the way.
  ”Hate you forget three brothers, how can into the girl’s room without knocking, how can be so rude, how to do if I was naked, others yellow or a monkey, unblemished body is also how you read marry go out.Poof ha ha ha ha ha die director, sand sculpture of the lines too!Yellow Monkey What Ghosts!”
  Sheng Joe was quick to laugh at myself faint.

Chapter 120
  Sand Sculpture lines too much, actor frequent laugh, play back basically have two or three times before over NG.Lunch time, the director Sheng Joe went to greet him sitting.
  Chen originally thought serious guide to curse, and he was very gentle attitude down, eat while asking her: “Joe, you know what happened last peach pick up this role it?”
  Sheng Joe nodded: “Yes, I have read the script.”
  I. Chen said: “Why do you think she