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  Sina Wall Street Beijing 24 hearing due to the announced earlier this week, covering almost blackout country, Zambia is now into darkness。   Lusaka and all the major cities are already off the second time this month, the Southern African copper-producing countries are suffering severe drought and depth of the economic crisis。
  Zambia's state-owned National Electricity Company (ZESCO) claim that this is only because a substation out of the question, almost the entire country's energy reserves are sufficient。 Few areas not affected by the remaining power supply is near Victoria Falls a small power station。
  Even the official statement admissible, low water Zambezi River and Lake Kariba also means that power shortages in the coming months is likely to occur。
  Most of Zambia's electricity comes from hydropower, a two-year drought has dramatically weakened the source, including power generation capacity on Lake Kariba in Zambia and neighboring Zimbabwe shared dam。
  Zambezi River Authority data show that the water level has recently been reduced to 16% of capacity, while last year 53%。
  The power outage also a direct blow to the country's vital copper production, which had to use backup generators to continue to produce and to ensure the safety of miners。
Now is the Christian majority of the population of the country's important holiday season, at the moment can only make destructive power of multiple economic crisis even more serious。   Zambia because copper prices plummeted severely hit, copper is their main export commodity, foreign exchange reserves of the source of 80%。 Because of the weak, the price of this metal demand in China continued to fall this month has dropped to the lowest point of nearly six and a half dollars per ton in 4450。   This is a direct result of the Zambian currency exchange rate last month fell to a record low of about 14 US $ 1。 After that, the exchange rate rebounded slightly to 11 kwacha to the dollar, which should be attributed to migrant workers who returned to Zambia in the holiday season, buying the domestic currency。
  A few years ago, this country was also seen as a fast-growing economic miracle, then, they released a lot of hard currency bonds, now the foreign exchange to pay for collecting principal and interest, the beleaguered government of President Lungu。   In addition to man-made, Zambia and also part of the current difficulties related to natural disasters。 Last year's rainy weather much worse than usual, a direct result of agricultural products, and in particular cut tobacco for export。   Lack of rain reduced the water level of the Zambezi River, Zambia and energy almost entirely Zambezi and Kafue River to supply。 By this time of year, Zambia was supposed to have started water level rose rapidly, ushered in the rainy season。
  However, the record of the Pacific El Nino phenomenon has led to the entire southern African continent drought。
Precipitation in the short term is difficult to count, low water level in the next year is likely to remain for a long time。
  Originally this holiday season among Zambians had no interest much to celebrate, and large-scale power outages, can only make them more pessimistic about the future of the day。 (Zijin)。