Leave, let gradually under the big rain wet her hair, the end is silent, stressing each syllable, successful girls stopped.


  ”I had a little is not good.”
  ”Like hell to escape that place, I should feel lucky, I want to try to save your other children, but I found my strength is too small, that it was covered with scum behind, I have wanted to save your , but – ”
  Girl spine very straight, kind of tough but fragile beauty, “I know, so I do not blame you.”
  Shen know it mouth twitched, “I do not blame you, but it will not forgive me, right.”
  The girl did not speak.
  ”If I say, I love you -”
  When to say “I love you” words, there is a brief Gujiu An out of character, he can not tell a moment in the play or in life, his face showing a hint of a loss due course, but this is fleeting the loss was supplement to the lens, thereby allowing the thin seal of Gujiu an superb acting admire the five-body cast.
  Xi thin that confession should be firm, with a hint of possible temptation, I did not expect Gujiu An interpretation will come out in such a way, then I thought, Shen know why it is also capable of distinguishing between, he likes seedlings, seedlings in the end because really like this person