Is scheduled to be concerned about it, but say it from Mo Kam mouth, it would not have the slightest credibility.


  ”Oh, if you really want to sister committed suicide, you have thoughts on this crap with me?”
  Jin Mo angry stamped her foot. “I mean really you, someone forced her to go to my younger sister companies, we rush to help it!”
  Nor rejected by the white leaves, Mo Kam he pulled out of school.
  He drove all the way, and soon came to the heart of Mo-yu company.
  Remember when I first came to quiet pool, white leaf into the first big company, is the heart Yu Group, now come surprisingly different feeling.
  Do not look at heart Yu Mo weekdays and not much different from other girls, but whenever enter the office building, it will become vigorous and resolute female executives, it seems quite grand.
  Mo Ye Jin as she tugged white upstairs, while grumbling.
  ”I tell you, that surnamed Cao hate is dead, I used to play when my sister company, they always see him, like a stooge.”
  ”Long so ugly, actually also want to be my brother, just hateful!”
  White leaf frowned lightly, “Your request can not be too high, after all, not everyone is like me