What eight, Wuheng Ming Ming is my brother.”


An Wei Zhen is clear understanding of nodded, “No wonder I felt when I see wrong, if Wu Heng Wu brother, how his body is so clean, there is no industry that fire, did not even Niezhai.”

Wu Tao Wu Heng looked with loving eyes, “He is my wife left me the child was forced to Wu after she was discovered she was pregnant with a child, Wu was drunk, his father completely Wu does not want to spread the reputation of Jon guilty of rape, so I do not know him at the time, imprisoned my wife, and she later gave birth to a child, he committed suicide.”

Wu Tao for this matter seems to have a thorough look open, “I am also a chance, only to find Wu Heng is my child, and do a paternity proved, indeed, Wu Heng is my son.”

An Wei Zhen this time also ease down, looked at Wu said: “Well, your brother now keep life, three million thank you.”

Wu almost emitted a blood, “What are you talking nonsense, how could I give you the money?!Since he is not my brother, I die control him, if you want to take three million, is coming to save me!”

Wei Zhen An indifferent looked at him, “Do you want to deadbeat