Day, Cheng Dong passive inadvertently missed, and that is probably chose the former Xiao standing in the distance, proactive miss.


  Former graduate Xiao Bi Linxia away too early, before the XIA away from home, he had to return home for a long time, XIA away after returning home, he has yet to flying trapeze many times.
  Had a few first-tier cities, engage in the business of people simply can not avoid, not to mention the original Xiao also thought away, but he never thought to look away XIA.
  Ren Hai Xun and Tang Guo, noisy skelter, still have been together.Xiao and former XIA away, want to know each other’s dynamic, it is easy.
  Original Xiao know XIA away back to his alma mater by overseas brain drain program, also we know she opened the history of European civilization courses.
  You can wait until the original Xiao know XIA away is no longer a single, and knew she had the Chikuma together, the original Xiao and reluctantly, and wanted to see her.
  Deliberately spare the time gap from the conference, select the amphitheater sitting in the last row, by the position of the door, listening to the history of European civilization, a full half-hour.
  Xiao original quietly honestly never heard XIA walk through history talk.
  At that time XIA away sat bedside, I try to make the elderly happy, special