His sinking mole until he turned his head, looked deep into her eyes Heimou.


  He really long.very beautiful.
  To describe a man with a beautiful, somewhat outdated, but his appearance is indeed very fine.Whether it is brought back in the end of eye slightly soft or thin lips, on the other men who will look feminine, but never have this illusion in his body, his delicate facial features, black hair soft, white shirt look it simple and elegant, chilled stereotypical buttoned buckle to the last one, his whole person seems to be cold and chilly with a ban.For a sense of.
  He looked at her, she spontaneously give birth to a being focused his gaze illusion, black eye pupil look back to silence her, and lips are pale and cold skin Hongzhi sharp contrast, people can not from his face look away.
  Or co-pilot on police officers interrupted the strange and eccentric in the eye between the two.
  ”Miss is talking about it?This person should be a recidivist, he has repeatedly burglary and strong.Rape victims are mostly single women.”
  Xin long micro-head aside, blunt took the topic: “ah, right, I’m talking about slightly.”
  Police officers feel nothing, also spoke in detail perpetrators staff