The deputy minister, the annual salary up a lot of it.


  Large group of boys are clamoring to treat Old Song, Song Liang also very generous, noon called a bunch of delicious, what spicy crab, crayfish, and Ben Shan Xian lamb chops and beef, string, buy a lot of delicious regarded sent those little children.
  Chen diving psyche feel happy for Old Song.
  Old Song and Xia Kelu their original these are not the same kid, middle-aged, the family is really on under the old and small, parents are the mainstay of his wife and kids.
  This time at UCA Group Laosong such a large company promotion and pay rise, of course, the whole family’s well-being is also advancing rapidly.
  To this end, Chen diving Laosong want to say something grateful, but he understood Chen diving man, so the cliche things like gifts will not accept Chen diving.
  So Laosong feel particularly embarrassed, I do not know how it should represent a sudden.
  He found the original two Charcot and Lu kid talk, but they are both kid out of the evil idea.
  At Old Song anxious time, Charcot put this reporting to Chen diving, and diving Chen also very helpless, in order not to be affected work in this Old Song “bothering children,” Chen diving simply to take the initiative to talk to him.
  ”Old Song, going to thank me how?”Chen diving only half in jest Road.
  Listening to Song Liang shocked, if someone else to do, he must believe that the benefits to come to him,